Writers whose parents are also writers must get used to the way everyone says: ‘Oh well, it’s in your genes….’  It’s possible, but I think it’s more likely to be what you absorbed growing up.  Conversations round the table in our house tended to revolve around newspapers, journalists, politics and gossip, and the means to read and write were all around us. As the youngest of five I  soon worked out that the only way to get noticed was to try and write something clever.  My father and my brothers were all journalists; my daughter is a journalist, and so it goes on. 


Dad had a little office but he never wrote in there – he would sit at the kitchen table and bash away on his old manual typewriter at terrific speed, oblivious to the drone of the washing machine and the hurly burly of children and animals thundering around him.  


Here are some links to pieces I have written over the years for newspapers, magazines and online content.  The mysterious Lucy Whaley who wrote some of them was me a few years back.

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